A Toast to Lessons Learned and Roads Not Taken

A Toast to Lessons Learned and Roads Not Taken

I've always believed in lasting love and deep connections, just like the characters Corey and Topanga from Boy Meets World. I was fortunate to experience that kind of connection with my best friend, whom I met in middle school. We shared everything, even our school bus seat, despite not having assigned seating. Our friendship eventually turned into a romantic relationship, but life had other plans, and we broke up.

Years later, after both experiencing other relationships, we reconnected. The spark was still there, and we decided to explore our relationship in a new way, as friends with benefits. This arrangement seemed perfect at the time, allowing us the freedom to be ourselves while also being together.

However, life is full of unexpected turns. After a motorcycle accident, I found myself in the hospital, supported by both my best friend and another girl I had been casually seeing. This created a complicated and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Despite the challenges, my best friend stood by me during my recovery, and we decided to give our relationship another shot. We even bought a car together, with her covering the cost and me promising to pay her back over time.

But as we grew older, I noticed a shift in our relationship. My best friend started spending more time with her friends, and I suspected she might be seeing someone else. My suspicions were confirmed when I found out she was going on dates while I was taking care of our dog or working on our car.

Feeling hurt and betrayed, I sold the car and kept the money, hoping she would come back to me. She once told me a story about her father, who stopped talking to his sister because she owed him money. I never thought money would come between us, but in the end, it did.

I realized that she had become like her father, or maybe she was just looking for a way out of our relationship. Either way, I was left feeling confused and heartbroken.

Now, as I sit on this one-way flight to a new destination, I raise my glass of Sauvignon blanc and toast to the lessons I've learned and the future that awaits me. I've realized the importance of self-love and the strength that comes from standing alone. Here's to new beginnings and the bright future that lies ahead.
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