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How Do You Get Inspired?"

When An Old Friend Asks,
"How Do You Get Inspired?"

It was a few days ago, as the sun lazily set on the horizon, that an old friend reached out to me. We often connect sporadically, our conversations threading the past to the present. This time, they asked, "How do you get inspired?"

Rather than text them a reply, I chose a different medium. I created a video, but not just any video. This video was a still shot of a monstera plant gently resting in a clear vase of water, perched elegantly on the beach.

As the waves whispered their ancient stories and the sand shared tales of ages gone by, the monstera plant stood firm, embracing the serene backdrop. Its thick, green leaves, punctured with unique patterns, rustled every time the wind blew. It was almost as if the leaves were whispering back to the waves, a silent conversation between nature's wonders. The most captivating part? A new leaf was sprouting, suggesting growth, change, and resilience amidst the ever-changing environment.

The voiceover began, an echoing murmur against the backdrop of the rustling leaves and lapping waves. "What do you do when things don't go the way you plan? Do you let the waves of disappointment drown your spirit? Or do you stand tall, like the monstera, finding strength in every gust of wind, seeing every challenge as an opportunity to grow a new leaf?"

The message was simple, yet profound. Embracing motivation and inspiration isn't just about seeking the new, the fresh, or the extraordinary. It's about finding beauty in resilience, in perseverance, and in the unexpected turns that life throws our way.

As the video concluded, the monstera continued its silent watch over the beach, a sentinel of inspiration. The waves, relentless in their pursuit, kissed the shore again and again, a reminder that no matter how many times life pushes us down, we rise.

Inspiration isn't always about looking outside. Sometimes, it's about looking inward, recognizing our strengths, and celebrating our growth. Just like the monstera, we too can find inspiration in the smallest moments, in the gentle rustle of leaves, in the growth of a new leaf, and in the wisdom of the ever-present waves.

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