More horsepower, torque, then go boost, on these hoes.

More horsepower, torque, then go boost, on these hoes.

Unseen Crowns of the Hidden Monarchs

In the realm of the ordinary, I walk disguised, a king or queen in sheep's clothing, my true essence shrouded from the naked eye. In a world that operates at 100%, my 60% feels like your 150%, not out of arrogance, but a testament to the indomitable work ethic that courses through my veins. This ethic, a treasured inheritance from the rich soils of Tamarac, Sunrise, and Parkland, isn't just a lifestyle; it's the very fabric of my being.

The ethos that drives us is encapsulated in a simple, yet profound motto: more horsepower, more torque, then go boost. This is the refrain that has guided me and my lifelong friends, as we navigate the intricate dance of fitting in while standing out. To the world, we may appear too cool, too collected, or perhaps even intimidating, as if we've come to claim what rightfully belongs to someone else.

But to those who share this journey, who understand the depths from which these words emerge, I extend this message to you. Picture Ricky Williams, the legendary footballer who dominated the field, his physical prowess a sight to behold. Much like him, though I may not have hair to pull on as a prop, you'll find me relentlessly charging towards the goal, my inner strength propelling me forward.

And so, I urge you to harness your own inner strength, regardless of where life has placed you. Whether you're cradling a newborn, staring at the daunting emptiness of an unemployment line, or simply trying to find your footing in this chaotic world, remember - the game isn't over. You are not down and out. The goal is still ahead, waiting for you to claim victory.

Let them underestimate you. Let them see you as just another face in the crowd. For in the end, when you emerge victorious, they will have no choice but to see you for what you truly are - the GOAT, the Greatest of All Time.

To my friends, my fellow warriors, let us wear this title with pride, knowing that each of us is a GOAT in our own right, our unique stories and strengths the crowns we wear unseen. Let's march on, together, towards our goals, unstoppable in our pursuit of greatness.
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