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Joseon Korean (KWR) OG T-Shirt

Joseon Korean (KWR) OG T-Shirt

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We offer Joseon (KWR) Korean OG T-Shirt made of high-quality cotton. we offer comfortable and ethnic wear, we produce the best quality cotton fabric. Our product specifications include:

  • Stylish Symbols, and Eye-catching design
  • High-Quality Digital Printing
  • Comfortable Material 


Joseon (KWR) Korean OG  T-Shirt:

The statement is the primary feature of the orgin. We make the symbols the main focus of the design. We print them in a bold and striking manner.

Currency Facts
  • It was founded by Yi Seong-gye in July 1392 and replaced by the Korean Empire in October 1897. The kingdom was founded following the aftermath of the overthrow of Goryeo in what is today the city of Kaesong. Early on, Korea was retitled and the capital was relocated to modern-day Seoul


  • The name Joseon/Choseon comes from the historical period 2333 BCE-108 BCE. The name "Guryeo/Korea" comes from 37 BCE–668 CE.

    Thus the name Choseon predates the name/character "Han" referring to the "Samhan/Three Kingdoms" period, and "Korea" comes immediately afterwards.

     "Go-", the Chinese word for ancient/older/etc., to the front of both Choseon and Goryeo names to distinguish them from the newer dynasties/periods named after the original ones

  • 'Joseon(조선)' is a country that has been destroyed and does not exist at present. In a modern society divided into South and North Korea(북한), there is only North Korea that calls itself Joseon. The official name of Korea (남한, South Korea) is Republic of Korea.

      when the first coins were minted. The coins, cast in both bronze and iron, were called tongbo and jungbo. Jeohwa (저화/楮貨), which was made of standardized mulberry-bark paper early in the Joseon period, become the first legal paper money and was used as a medium of exchange in place of coins until it disappeared in the early 16th century.


Quality printings

High-quality printing is an essential component in the production of high-quality goods for clothing like t-shirts.

Today, there are a variety of printing methods available, but not all of them are of the same quality.

We always try to make sure that the logos and design on the T-shirt are eye-catching and appealing. Screen printing and digital printing are the methods we use to print logos.

Comfortable materials:

We make these T-shirts from comfortable and breathable cotton. we always ensure our products are comfortable to wear.

Key Features Joseon (KWR Korean Banknote) Kush T-Shirt

  • casual and comfortable cotton t-shirt 
  • 100 % cotton fabric
  • Cotton t-shirts are soft, breathable, and durable,

popular choice for everyday wear.

Specifications of Joseon (KWR Korean Banknote) Kush T-Shirt

  • The standard, traditional t-shirt for everyday wear
  • Classic, generous, boxy fit
  • Male model shown is 6/0 tall and wearing size Medium.
  • Female model shown is 5/2  cm tall and wearing size Small.
  • Heavyweight oz/gsm fabric, solid colors are 100% cotton,
  • Double-needle hems and neck band for durability

Superfine Quality Cotton Stuff

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