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OG Hong Kong (HKG) Hoodie

OG Hong Kong (HKG) Hoodie

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Hong Kong Currency Hoodie

This super fine quality cotton hoodie with Hong Kong Currency for ethnic wear, our product specifications have stylized symbols, High-quality digital printing, and comfortable material. 

Stylized $ symbol:
The main feature of the Hong Kong Currency Hoodie is the stylized $ symbol that represents the Hong Kong dollar. This symbol is usually depicted in a bold and eye-catching manner, making it the focal point of the design.
Quality printing:
The design of the Currency is usually printed using high-quality printing techniques, such as screen printing or digital printing, to ensure that the colors are vibrant and long-lasting.
Comfortable materials:
These garment are typically made from comfortable and breathable cotton, to ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

Care instructions

-Wash cold and lay flat to dry.
-We suggest sizing up one size if you plan to machine dry.
-Unisex sizing S to XXL.
Color variations
Our Essential Tee comes in black, and white.
*Available in a range of sizes, this is designed to fit most body types comfortably.
Order yours today and show off your love for Foreign Currency in style!

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